Stranger #29: Hoel


Hoel (pron Hurl) owns and runs the kind of bookshop I have been dreaming about owning and running. The location is idyllic, at Tyalgum in northern NSW, and while the days are quiet, there is plenty of scope for reading, writing and playing his guitar.

A record, yes that’s right … a proper vinyl record … was playing as I wandered into the shop and struck up a conversation with this quietly spoken 36 year old.  Hoel, originally from Jarrow in North East England, moved to Tyalgum in 2007 from central London.

From working in theatres in London (doing the messy jobs not many people want/like to do) to The Orpheum* Bookshop and playing guitar at Flutterbies Cafe on Friday nights. It’s quite a journey.

* Orpheus is the god of music and poetry. Hoel’s middle name just happens to be Orphean.



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