Stranger #27: Alison


Alison (75) is a fierce scrabble player. She knows all the two and three letter words that make up the scrabble player’s arsenal as well as she knows the 130 acres of Moocooboolah Farm which has been her home for 45 years.

Alison moved from Sydney with her husband, six children, two pianos, and mountains of books in the late 60s. Chooks laid eggs in the second piano, the house expanded, Alison planted trees – every tree that is now on the property was planted by Alison. She built stairs in the middle of the lawn at the back of the house where her ‘kids’ perform. Alison is a speech and drama teacher – still – and has been preparing young people for eisteddfods for 30 years. Her students still top the state.

At the age of 70 Alison married for the third time and after the ceremony skipped down the aisle with the young people she teaches.

Alison loves Moocooboolah Farm because it’s ‘quiet, safe, and no one fusses’.


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