Stranger #25: Majette


I stalked Majette around Circular Quay and when I finally caught up with her and told her I’d stalked her, she laughed and said “How lovely!”.

I followed Majette from where she’d had her photograph taken with an Aboriginal performer, along the Quay to where a man was playing saxophone. Majette dug her iPad out of her handbag and asked a lady standing nearby if she’d please take her photo with the saxophonist. The other lady obliged and photos were duly taken. Majette said something to the woman and they expressed a surprised delight, hugged, and chatted animatedly for some time.

It transpired that they were both from Adelaide and both attending the same 7-day course!

Majette is a naturopath and helps people recover from trauma. I think being in her presence would be enough: warmth exudes from her and she was a real delight to chat with.

As she’d already missed two ferries, she felt obliged to catch the next one which was just pulling in. She raced away, but not before inviting me to visit next time I’m in Adelaide.



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