Stranger #21: Peter


Peter is a stranger to me, but to many he’ll be ‘that guy’ who’s played with (or for) just about every big name in Australian music including Marcia Hines, Don Burrows, Doug Parkinson, Gina Jeffries, Tommy Emmanual, Kevin Borich and Mal Eastick.

I was sitting in the Eros Ouzeri in Rundle St, Adelaide one night a few months ago, having a wonderful Greek banquet with colleagues and friends, when I caught myself tuning into the music wafting from across the street, rather than the conversation around the table.

The music was wonderful – a real mix of jazz, and classical and other types I didn’t know – I just knew that I enjoyed it immensely.

It was very dark as I approached Peter with my camera, with one light way up high, shining a desultory light onto the passers-by (as it was the Adelaide Fringe Festival at the time, there were a lot of passers-by), but I soldiered on and was determined to add him to my collection of strangers.

Peter kept on playing as I snapped away, and I have to say that his skill with the guitar far surpassed mine with the lens.


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