Stranger #11: Ludo


How far does the definition of  ‘a stranger’ go?

Ludo, while not personally known to me, is not a stranger to many around Sheffield in Tasmania and Byron Bay in NSW. He’s also not a stranger to those who watch ‘The Footy Show’ or listen to/watch Hamish and Andy on radio or television.

Ludo is known as the Alpaca Man – and while I’ve seen his alpaca sitting outside the cafe in Sheffield, I’ve never before met Ludo. But I have met one of his six daughters: Marietta. Ludo also has two sons and 10-13 grandchildren (depending on how you choose to count them).

Despite being in Tasmania for 51 years Ludo still has the trace of a Dutch accent. He came to Australia, originally headed for South Australia but took a wrong turn and ended up in Tasmania. He prefers to think of that ‘wrong’ turn as the right one.


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